About Scherrer

WELCOME!  Scherrer Construction Company, Inc. is celebrating 86 years of solid construction services to our clients.  We are a family-owned, high reputation, high energy general contractor / construction manager existing solely to provide custom construction / building solutions to clients in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, since 1928. We provide each client with superior craftsmanship and develop individualized custom construction solutions in a wide range of markets including corporate, education, municipal, healthcare, industrial, worship, and also offer a unique niche in signature luxury homes.  Scherrer Construction is fluid in delivery of new buildings (including pre-engineered), expansions, renovations, and facility services.
It is our belief that the actual building portion of any construction project is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’.  Partnering with our clients as they begin to assess their needs and budgets up front, and working as a true team with other project partners, is an ideal start to an ultimately successful result.  At any construction phase, our experienced project managers are expert in identifying project requirements, budgeting, cost controls, value added research, and forming a cohesive project team to ensure each project is delivered as promised.


Scherrer Construction can also assist and educate clients with the selection process of the project team (selecting architects, engineers and any other key personnel needed to complete the project).
With a corporate objective to, “deliver superior building services in an open, timely, competitive manner to the clients we serve”, Scherrer Construction has taken a client-centered approach to our service offerings to ensure that every Scherrer project is built with integrity.
The combination of our core construction services and our value-added services, means that Scherrer construction can successfully complete any project and do so in a cost efficient manner.
To reach a Scherrer team member now and begin the process toward construction project success, please email aj@scherrerconstruction.com or call Annette ‘AJ’ Simms at 262-539-3100 X22.
You can also visit us on Facebook here!


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