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Since 1928, we have consistently made it our main goal to build structures that have the right balance of functionality, cost-efficiency, and timeless aesthetic appeal.  We are dedicated to a ‘gold standard’ of service and value to our clients and our on-going efforts have earned us numerous construction awards, including Builder of the Year.

We provide a team managed approach over all aspects of the general construction process, which includes the architectural, engineering, and product supply disciplines, to efficiently and very effectively be a single source of project responsibility. In fact, each system or process we have in place collectively represents value for your investment, it engages you in a personal way and it creates a pleasantly memorable experience throughout the building program. This is a defining characteristic of our firm and it is our commitment to you! 

Scherrer will develop and maintain a Master Project Schedule including design milestones, all project activities, phasing (if necessary), and critical milestones for your project. Our team uses a variety of tools for tracking progress throughout the duration of the project – overall scheduling, short-term look-ahead schedules and collaborative schedules. These tools allow us to clearly define the project schedule and serve as communication instruments for every member of the project team. 

We will continually review design documents with the architect to ensure that all the value-added techniques are accurately documented and updated. Through the use of our estimating and accounting system software, we will provide a strong system of controls to manage the cost of your project. The project manager monitors costs on a regular basis using reports that provide an accurate and timely analysis of costs, including final cost predictions, to identify cost variances and initiate corrector measures, if necessary. 


Our team is acutely aware of the complexities when working in occupied facilities. We believe in open communication, looking ahead throughout the process to identify milestones and challenges to establish a viable plan of action, and minimizing disruptions to the client. Our project team will constantly keep the team up to date regarding construction activities and coordinate scheduled work well in advance to avoid surprises.

A detailed plan is generated by our Safety Director along with the project team to identify and monitor any challenges in the project. Safety for the students, staff and employees on the construction team is paramount and will begin during preconstruction planning continuing throughout the entire project. This plan will be communicated to the school staff and all workers are briefed on the Site-Specific Safety Plan before beginning their first day of work. Our team is dedicated to eliminating injuries and unsafe working conditions on every project.

Scherrer also emphasizes Quality Management to avoid errors in materials and the implementation of means and methods of installation to avoid compromising the integrity of the design or the building itself. This process starts with a detailed scope review for every component of the construction team. We discuss the scope of their individual work, how it impacts other members of the team, sequencing and safety implications of each task. Throughout the project, quality is maintained through trade coordination, preconstruction meetings, quality control reviews, shop drawings and sample review, systems start-up and punch lists at various stages of the project. 



Building Permits
Subcontractor Bidding & Awarding 
Project Management
Project Supervision 
Project Coordination 
Project Scheduling
Cost Control 
Quality Control 
Progress Reporting 
Self-Performed Trades 
Safety Planning & Enforcement
Cash Flow Planning & Management
Owner Direct Purchasing


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