97% Referendum Success Rate 

in the Past Five Years

Scherrer Construction has helped numerous clients meet their goals and objectives by building and maintaining quality facilities for students, staff, and the community. The key element in achieving those goals is a solid pre-referendum plan.

Scherrer has taken an active role in the pre-referendum process by assisting clients in educating the public through various means and methods. An organized campaign to inform voters of the needs, issues, solutions, and the impact is essential as well as getting the community involved in this effort. Our referendum support services include: 

  • Assist with facilities studies, master planning and community surveys

  • Develop conceptual estimates to establish budgets for the various options being explored 

  • Provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to be used as the referendum dollar amount 

  • Develop preliminary construction schedules to show completion dates or possible phasing options 

  • Develop a communications plan with action items and goal dates

  • Facilitate committee and set tasks 

  • Design various communication tools including posters, direct mail pieces and media campaigns 

  • Conduct public information meetings

Our pre-construction team can review each facility’s ability to accommodate change, expansion, tenant movements, redevelopment, and campus security. We design customized solutions that support fluid district operations and community engagement. Scherrer Construction can also assist with the planning and execution of community surveys.  

Our referendum team will assist with the development, execution, and management of a customized referendum campaign tailored to your school district’s needs. We will help develop a detailed month-to-month time line with key milestones and assign responsibilities to ensure those objectives are being met. 

Our skilled marketing department will provide effective marketing components that will inform and engage the community. These services are beneficial for school districts that do not have the internal resources to create these items in-house. Our designers will create all materials with your direction, provide all final files in a format you can use for your production and can also assist with the printing and mailing process.

We will work with the referendum committee to develop strategies to energize the community and help promote a ‘yes’ vote. Our strategy may involve ideas for developing a message, creating successful fundraising efforts, selecting  target  audiences, etc. We will discuss options for community meetings, rallies, special events and also serve as a resource for campaign ideas. 


Waterford Union High School District

$9.9M Referendum, Passed April 2019


Burlington Area School District
$43M Referendum, Passed November 2018

Waterford Graded School District
$24.9M Referendum, Passed November 2018

Union Grove J1 School District
$7.9M Referendum, Passed November 2018

Randall Consolidated School District
$5.5M Referendum, Passed in April 2018

Union Grove High School District
$7.85M Referendum, Passed in November 2017

Wheatland Center School District
$8.45M Referendum, Passed April 2018

Burlington Community Pool
$5.4M Referendum, Passed November 2016



“Scherrer Construction was a valuable partner in the referendum process.  They  provided us with the construction and cost information necessary to educate our public on the cost of building a new school.  They were a part of the team and helped us each step of the way by providing us their insight, experience and expertise in the construction process.”

- Dr. Wayne Anderson, Williams Bay School District 

"Scherrer Construction assisted our District in developing consistent and attractive materials that informed residents about our referendum. Their timely service helped to keep us on track. We appreciate the collaboration to ensure the information was accurate.”

 - Julie Thomas, Burlington Area School District 


"Scherrer was a huge asset throughout the entire referendum process. They provided us with guidance and support in developing a plan that was cost-effective while meeting the needs of our building and community. Scherrer Construction provided resources, flyers, and documents that allowed the district to educate our public on the plan and fiscal implications. Scherrer was truly a part of our team and helped us each step of the way.” 

- John Gendron, Randall Consolidated School District



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