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Scherrer Donates Books to Local Area Schools!

Scherrer Construction and our non-profit entity Scherrer Cares donates "8 Keys To A Better Me" books to 2nd graders at local area schools! This book will teach students about important words such as honesty, respect and kindness, all life values in which will help kids understand the importance of goodness and help them develop these qualities. Schools that have received these books include Bristol School, Lakewood Elementary, Riverview Elementary, Salem Grade School, Randall School, and all 2nd grade schools with the public and private schools in Burlington and Delavan, WI. Scherrer plans to donate more books next year. These books tie in well with our mission of our non-profit program, Scherrer Cares. Another great effort to build kindness in our communities!

Randall School 2nd Grade Students (Burlington, WI)

Lakewood Elementary School 2nd Grade Students (Twin Lakes, WI)

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