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Scherrer Initiates Scaffold Training for All Field Employees

In September, Scherrer Construction provided three sections of a formal scaffold user training program to our building trades employees, at our office and shop in Burlington, WI. The program was presented by an instructor from the Scaffold Training Institute of Houston TX, and included classroom study and activities, and a user inspection activity of scaffolding before use. This training is required by OSHA, and was intended to bring together employees who had been trained in the past, and new employees who had not yet received training; to ensure that everyone is following the same procedures and working safely on our job sites. This will reduce the possibility of workers using deficient scaffolds, and the risk of injury to our employees and subcontractors due to those deficiencies.

The same program will be presented in October to our building trades employees at Scherrer Construction’s office in Wausau, WI.

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