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Building Kindness One Buddy Bench at a Time!

Since the start of our anti-bullying initiative back in 2014, we have obtained an overwhelming amount of interest in our Scherrer Cares Buddy Bench Program. Through fundraising and community support, we have donated over 15 Buddy Benches to K-12 schools throughout Wisconsin and the list keeps on growing! These Buddy Benches have been in high demand due to the unfortunate amount of bullying that occurs in today's society and schools are anxious to implement this anti-bullying tool into their school for students to use to spread awareness and create a positive environment.

Schools that have received a Scherrer Cares Buddy Bench within this past year have done an outstanding job at introducing the anti-bullying concept to their students through guest speakers including a former NFL Chicago Bears linebacker, a professional BMX rider, engaging the students in poster contests, signing anti-bullying pledges, and acting out theater skits to show how the Buddy Bench can be used.

Former Chicago Bears Linebacker Matt Mayberry Speaks with Williams Bay Students

Pro BMX Rider Matt Wilhelm Delivers Powerful Anti-Bullying Message to Wheatland Students

Over the next several months, we have over 20 schools that are slated to receive a Scherrer Cares Buddy Bench.

Interested in supporting our program? Companies and/or individuals can sponsor a Buddy Bench to a school of their school and their name will be incorporated into the design of the Buddy Bench. Also, please be sure to join us for our Annual Scherrer Cares Golf Outing Fundraiser scheduled for June 15th, 2017! For more information, please call us or email

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