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Scherrer Cares donates Buddy Benches to schools throughout Wisconsin

Scherrer Cares, a nonprofit founded by Scherrer Construction Co., Inc., donated more than a dozen of its customized Buddy Benches in 2022.

Scherrer Cares partners with K-12 schools to spread kindness and build friendships by designing, constructing and installing Buddy Benches with the school’s name, colors and logo. Scherrer Cares then hosts a presentation with students to introduce and explain the relevance of the Buddy Bench and encourage students to utilize it to support the schools’ existing anti-bullying initiatives.

“We started the Buddy Bench program to serve three purposes: provide a place for kids who are being bullied to seek help, create a space for kids to be a buddy and build friendships with each other, and as a tool to spread awareness and prevent bullying,” explained Jim Scherrer, president and CEO of Scherrer Construction. “The program has been a huge success throughout the state with more than 100 Buddy Benches installed since the program launched in 2014.”

The following schools were among the recipients of customized Buddy Benches donated in 2022:

Sand Lake Elementary students with their new Buddy Bench.

“I’ve been told by our playground aide that the bench is used at every recess at our school,” explained Shepard Hills Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) member, Margaret. “When a child is seen on the bench, groups of children run over to check on them. If that doesn't happen, the aide will go over and sit with the student. It's helpful for kids that don't have the communication skills to address their feelings with others.”

The Buddy Bench is made possible through the nonprofit Scherrer Cares, which operates solely on donations from the community. Each year, Scherrer Cares hosts a golf outing fundraiser to raise the money needed to continue giving back to the communities they serve. The 9th Annual Scherrer Cares Golf Outing is set for Thursday, June 22, 2023, at the Evergreen Country Club in Elkhorn, Wisconsin (map). The golf outing is followed by dinner, awards, and a live auction. To register for this year’s Scherrer Cares Golf Outing visit

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